Mar 15 2017

Toxic Plants to Avoid with Dogs and Cats

We hope spring comes back!  As it inevitably will, we want to remind you of the most toxic plants to dogs and cats and to avoid having these in your home or yard.  If you pet comes in contact with any of these plants, please call us or if it’s after hours, you can call ASPCA poison control at (888) 426-4435.

12 Most Toxic Plants

  1. Caster Bean
  2. Caladium / Aracea = Elephant ears
  3. Lilies / Amaryllis
  4. Dumbcane / Dieffenbachia
  5. Rosary Pea / Buddhist Rosary / Prayer Bean / Seminole Bead = Abrin
  6. Larkspur / Delphinium
  7. Foxglove / Digitalis
  8. Autumn Crocus / Meadow Saffron/ Naked Ladies
  9. Sago Palm / Cardboard Palm
  10. Black Locust / False Acacia
  11. Yew
  12. Oleander / Rose-Bay


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