Weight Loss Success Story


Obesity is an epidemic in America and it has become a leading cause of cancer. Our pets are also affected by obesity due to overfeeding and lack of exercise. Once a pet becomes obese, it can be challenging to get the weight off and get them healthy again. I want to share a success story of one of our clients who helped his dog lose over 15 pounds in just 6 months.

Dylan was a hefty 61 pounds last year when our veterinarian classified him as obese. She put him on a measured food plan using Royal Canin Maxi Weight Management food. The owner promised to feed him only this diet and limit his treats to healthy snacks like carrots and green beans. He still went on his regular walks, and over time, the owner started to notice that he had more energy and a pep in his step! It’s so easy for us to not recognize the slow changes that occur when pets are overweight but it sure is obvious when they feel better after losing weight! Dylan now gets regular compliments from his neighbors and can keep up with the younger dogs!

Each pet is different and responds to treatments differently, so we can tailor a weight-loss plan according to the family’s lifestyle. We are not partial to any particular brand of food but we KNOW this kind works for weight loss:



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