In an effort to keep our personnel and families healthy and not become transmitters of the COVID-19 virus, Mobile Laser Veterinary Services is continuing to see appointments, but we have modified our visit interactions. Most of our visits are done with the pets on the truck, but we will make some exceptions for in-home visits depending on the circumstances.  The trucks are too small to allow for our pet parents to participate in the trucks during visits.  When we arrive at your home, we are happy to discuss the visit details in-person and outside.   If consent forms were emailed to you before the visit, please email a response confirming consent.

We will meet you at the door. and some of our team members may be wearing masks.
Please have your dog on a leash / cat in a carrier.
We will take the dog / cat carrier to the van and call you on speaker phone during the visit, or call you immediately after for further discussion.

When the visit is over, we will again meet you at the door and are happy to continue discussions in-person and outside.

We will hand over the leash/carrier, and you can hand us a check or pay with a credit card or Care Credit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this trying time.  We strive to provide superior medical care to your pet while protecting all those involved.

We offer Telemedicine when needed.  Click here for more information.