We are able to offer medical recommendations through Telemedicine.  This includes communication through phone, email, text, or video to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a patient.  We are able to offer telemedicine to our patients who have a valid VCPR (veterinarian client patient relationship) established by a previous in-person physical exam within 12 months of your request.  If your pet has a medical concern that may be addressed via telemedicine instead of an in-person visit, please contact us and we will triage your request appropriately.

Much like therapists, accountants, and attorneys, we will need to assess a fee to compensate the veterinarian and our team for their time in reviewing your pet’s issue and researching a solution to help your pet.  We will email a bill based on the following criteria.

Telemedicine Level 1 $35: medical recommendations based on a recurrent or ongoing issue

Telemedicine Level 2 $45: medical recommendations based on a new issue

Telemedicine Level 3 $55: extensive issue requiring ongoing communications – This may be adjusted based on how much time the veterinarian needs to review the case.

A credit card number will be requested PRIOR to forwarding your concern to the veterinarian.  Your card will NOT be processed until the veterinarian has sent you an invoice for your review.

If available, we ask that pictures and videos of the concern be emailed during the initial request.  This will allow us to triage your request most appropriately.


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