What to Expect

Our house call practice is all about convenience and reduced stress for pets and their owners! Our mobile truck is fully stocked like a regular hospital but we can examine your pet in the comfort of your home or in the truck. It is your choice!

When we arrive in your driveway you will have a chance to discuss your pet’s condition prior to the exam. You are free to ask questions and tour the truck to see if a visit in the truck will work best for you. We will provide estimates as needed.

Most cats do better when examined in the home. This way they do not have to endure the stress of the carrier or the odor of other animals around them. Cats should be confined to a room such as a bathroom without furniture to hide under. Our team will enter the room first and once the cat is restrained, you are welcome to join them for the examination. Most diagnostics and treatments can be performed at this time.

Dogs need to be leashed but are often happy to join us on the truck. They often just want to sit in the front seat and look out the window! We have a scale in the truck to weigh larger dogs but smaller dogs can be weighed on a portable scale in the house if needed. All diagnostics and treatments can be performed on the truck.

Many tests can be performed in-house, but we often use a local reference laboratory for routine diagnostics. Results are generally sent by email so you can have a copy for your records, but a phone call may also be warranted.

Please understand that our ability to see emergencies is limited. Our doctors can only be at one location at a time and because emergencies are time-sensitive, she may not be able to commute to your home in a reasonable amount of time. Please call us to report the emergency and if we cannot assist you, contact a local vet or emergency clinic

We look forward to meeting you and your pets and developing a lasting relationship with you!


Veterinary Specialty Hospital
North Raleigh 919-861-0109
Cary 919-233-4911
Quail Corners 919-876-0739
NCSU Vet Hospital 919-513-6500


Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Patients are seen by house-call appointment only. Please call or email to schedule.